private dinners

Our immersive private dinners are locally & seasonally inspired, with an emphasis on choosing foods that enhance wellness of the mind & body. We love showcasing what each season has to offer, and getting into whatever local goodies we can get our hands on.  


Whether its a small intimate group or a large group talk, we love to get interactive with all kinds of diverse workshops. Our love of cooking & sharing the healing powers of holistic nutrition make us the perfect pair for your next wellness workshop! 

cooking lessons

If you're looking to get one on one with us to learn about the fundamentals of cooking nutritionally, or want to teach a crowd the skills to improve eating habits in their own kitchen, we offer cooking lessons on both private and large scales. 


about us.

Allison Connors and Stacey Tuttle are two St.John's locals who have banded together to form the Well & Good Dinners. Having graduated from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, we have both earned the designation of Certified Holistic Nutritionists. As well our shared nutrition training, we also share a vast background in the food industry, and a serious passion for delicious and nourishing food. 

The Well & Good Dinners began as a dinner series hoping to give St.John's a fresh take on how exciting and innovative health food can be. Our aim was to have a refined take on what people perceive as health food, and explore new ways to feast in healthy abundance. It's success as a dinner series has encouraged Well & Good Dinners to be more than just seasonal dinner events, but an all together holistic learning experience that has grown to include lessons, lectures, and more! 


We are so grateful for the support we have received so far on this wellness journey, and invite you to join us while we explore nutrition from a local, seasonal, and fresh & innovative perspective. 


Lots of love, 

Stacey & Allison 



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